FlightData.com is a free web-based Flight Log and Engine Analyzer for your aircraft, enabling you to very easily transform Arnav, Avidyne Entegra & R9, and Garmin G-1000 / G-3000 Log files into meaningful data. Email support or suggestions to atc@flightdata.com.

FlightData (Beta 4.0) offers the following features:

Flight Log
  • Log of all imported flights
  • Flight path overlaid on Google Maps, export to Google Earth
  • Historical Nexrad Archive in 5 min increments
  • 3D Cockpit View through Google Earth
  • Origin and Destination Aiport
  • Arrival and Departure Times
  • Hobbs, Flight, and Taxi Times
  • Flight and Taxi Distance
  • Fuel Burn, Fuel/hr, Fuel/nm
  • Ground Speed, Altitude, VSI
  • OAT
  • Option to share your flight log
Engine Analyzer
  • Historical Engine Trends
  • EGT & CHT
  • EGT Delta & CHT Delta
  • Oil Temp & Oil Pressure
  • RPM
  • Fuel Flow
  • Amperes & Volts
  • TIT (Turbo only)
  • NG, NP, ITT (Turbo-Prop only)

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Total Flight Logs Uploaded
Aircrafts 6445
Hobbs 1,124,041 hrs
Distance 129,667,223 nm (5993 times around earth)

Shared Flight Logs (Click Here to view more.)
Cirrus SR22
N122MG #1250 Avidyne Entegra
N216L #1111 Avidyne Entegra
308CD #1026 Avidyne Entegra
N521JL #877 Avidyne Entegra
N720P #617 Avidyne Entegra